Your goal is our goal! 

Your passion is our passion and EFS can help you along the way…HOW?

  • Understand each client’s personal fitness goals and develop scientifically proven workout regimens that deliver exceptional results
  • Educate members on the importance of daily physical fitness, nutrition and health so they can lead happier, longer lives
  • Eliminate exercise boredom and plateaus by making sure that every workout routine is different
  • Provide world class equipment that moves with your body’s true motion
  • Create a supportive, fun atmosphere with trainers who are dedicated to helping you meet your fitness goals

the Enhance Way

At Enhance Fitness Studio, we want to educate our clients in the areas of fitness, nutrition and health so that they can lead longer, more active lives. But most importantly, we want to help you achieve your personal fitness goals such as:


  •  Losing weight
  •  Building a leaner, more toned body
  •  Increasing energy and stamina
  •  Increasing range of motion after an injury
  •  Obtaining a healthier lifestyle
  •  Becoming a more dominant athlete

Benefits & FeaturesFunctional Sport Specific Training at EFS with Jon P. Bosu Squat Hold with Explosive Chest Pass

  •  Get into the best shape of your life
  •  Personalized programs to get you to your goal
  •  Train on state of the art equipment
  •  Avoid injuries through researched injury preventitive programs to keep you fit, mobile, and healthy
  •  Become a better athlete with individual sport performance programs designed for you and your sport
  •  Best personal training packages in the area saving you $$$

More Information

Enhance works with clients to establish and accomplish fitness goals on all levels, from weight loss to athletic performance. General goals include losing body fat, increasing lean muscle mass, increasing range of motion, decreasing muscle fatigue, and weight management. All training is custom fit to the client and their specific goals.

It does not matter if you are motivated to come to EFS because of what you saw on the scale this morning, your desire to beat your son in basketball or you simply want to be able to take the dog for a long walk, we will help you achieve your goals.

60 minute Private Packages

5 sessions

10 sessions

20 sessions


($78 per session)


($71 per session)


($66 per session)





($64 per session)


($60 per session)


($58 per session)

***Add Online Personal Training to any above Private Package for $105 per month***

Monthly Online Personal Training ONLY

That’s right, we offer Online Personal Training as well.  This option is great for people that travel a lot or can’t make it to the studio.

trainerize banner

Online Personal Training trainerize
Here are the steps:

  1. First – schedule a fitness assessment and orientation day with an EFS trainer
  2. Second – we design customized programs for you depending on your goals, fitness levels, and what equipment you have for training
  3. Third – you get a pretty cool app that you can download on your smartphone or tablet that will have all of your workouts ready and scheduled for you.  Don’t worry, we will walk through how to use the app.

Want to learn more about our Online Personal Training? Click Here

3 sessions for only $99!

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